The Story of The Cordial Cherry


Melissa Stephens is the owner of The Cordial Cherry, an adorable chocolate shop located in Spring Ridge Plaza at 180th and Pacific streets in Omaha, NE.  An unlikely chocolatier, with advanced degrees in science and education, Melissa has built her dream while teaching full time and pursuing her doctorate.  Using a recipe passed down from her beloved Grandma Sheldon, she began dreaming up her storybook chocolate shop in 2004 when selling her sweet works of art at local boutique shows as a way to pay for her graduate school program.   And, over the years she built quite a following. 

An Omaha native, Melissa found opportunities to visit chocolate shops around the country.  She noticed that most chocolates were made off-site and that they were either all boxed in pre-determined assortments or displayed behind glass, which lead to Melissa's business concept...a concept as unique as her cordial cherries.   Chocolate is more than just a sweet treat at The Cordial Cherry it’s an experience.  Customers meander through the whimsical display tables made from salvaged doors and with each passing step they see cordial cherries more adorable than the last.  Chocolate lovers can take their time hand-picking each and every cordial cherry they include in their beautiful French toile gift box.  The experience is enhanced with classical music, enticing smells, and delectable samplings.    

Since opening in 2010, Melissa has had to bring on her mom and sister as business partners.  Together, they have developed several other lines of chocolates including chocolate strawberries, sea salt caramels, fudge, gourmet chocolate caramel apples, European-style sipping chocolate, and more.  



The Cordial Cherry * Spring Ridge Plaza * 1223 S. 180th St. * Omaha, NE 68130 * 402-679-3011