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Truffle-Making Classes


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Get your friends together for a morning of coffee and chocolate.  In just one hour, you'll learn how to make gourmet chocolate truffles just like they're made in France.  Your registration will include $32.00 worth of gourmet chocolate truffles made by you, a signature box from The Cordial Cherry to gift your delicious creations and another $32.00 worth of truffles batch to make at home.


One Participant - $60.00 each
Two Participants - $55.00 each
Three Participants - $50.00 each
Four or More Participants - $45.00 each 

Call 402-679-3011 during store hours for more information or to register.

Chocolate Tempering Class

This class is by appointment only.

Roll your sleeves up, because this class is messy.  Tempering chocolate is the process of aligning the fat molecules in chocolate to generate the smooth, crisp texture indicative of fine chocolate.  You'll learn how to temper chocolate the old-fashioned way using a cold surface and spatula, so you'll easily be able to use your new skill at home with no expensive equipment.  Once you know how to temper chocolate the sky is the limit to your creations.  Each participant will make $45 worth of tempered chocolate bark with assorted toppings and will take home with them 1 lb of fine chocolate to practice tempering at home. 


One Participant - $60.00 each
Two Participants - $55.00 each
Three Participants - $50.00 each
Four or More Participants - $45.00 each 

Call 402-679-3011 during store hours for more information or to register.

~ Workshops ~ 

Workshops For Kids of All Ages

Chocolate Painting

Cocoa butter is the fat that is in chocolate and can be tinted almost any color of the rainbow.  It is often used by chocolatiers to obtain vivid coloring on chocolates and desserts.  We enjoy using tinted cocoa butter to paint on canvas, just as you would oil paints and we can teach you too! Included in your workshop: one mini art canvas, and all the tinted cocoa butter you can use.

Chocolate Sculpting

Chocolate sculpting is very popular among artisan chocolatiers.  The first step is to make “modeling chocolate” which is sometimes called “plastic chocolate.”  It has the consistency of clay or Play-Doh and can be manipulated much the same way.  When it cools and hardens it will retain it artistic form, but unlike clay, modeling chocolate tastes delicious!  Included in your chocolate workshop:  One recipe card for modeling chocolate, ingredients to make one batch of modeling chocolate, small gift box to take art pieces home.

Chocolate Piping

Using the piping method, chocolate can be used to make an array of shapes and forms, including, flowers, bows, words, hearts, and more!  We use this method to do most of cordial cherry artwork.  Included in your chocolate workshop:  4 oz of chocolate for piping, parchment paper for piping, glassine bags, small gift box to transport art pieces.

Truffle-Making for Kids (ages 10-16)

Chocolate truffles were named after the French delicacy, the mushroom truffle, as it has a similar appearance.  Truffles, by definition, are made with chocolate and fat (such as milk, butter, cream, oil, etc.) and then coated.  We have developed a simple and fool-proof recipe for making gourmet French truffles that is as versatile as it is delicious!  Included in your chocolate workshop: One recipe card for French Truffles, ingredient to make 9 French Truffles, small gift box to transport or gift truffles.


All workshops are $15.00 per participant with a minimum of eight participants.  Each workshop is intended to take 45 min to an hour.  For birthdays and other celebrations, our shop can be rented by the hour for $40/hour.  Email for more information or to register your group.

 ~ Private Events ~

Private Chocolate Tasting

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A chocolate tasting is much like a wine tasting.  Because chocolate is very complex and rich with various levels of flavor, all five senses are engaged in order to fully experience your chocolate.  The variety of cacao bean as well as the region where the cacao beans are grown, the growing conditions, the percentage of cacao, the process of roasting and drying the beans all affect the overall flavor and personality of chocolate.  Bring your friends for a beautiful evening of live music and exclusive chocolate. You'll learn how to use your five senses to recognize the subtle variations in each individual chocolate sample.

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Private Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Up to 10 guests for $200.00

You provide up to 5 bottles of wine and I'll match each of them perfectly with delectable chocolates, pastries, and desserts. Examples include, chocolate cups with seasonal fruit smothered in ganache, our amazing chocolate chocolate mousse cake, chocolate mousse filled strawberries covered in ganache and cocoa nibs, French truffles made with gourmet spices, honeys, and fine chocolate, exquisite single origin chocolate, and more! Excellent for professional networking, Girls' Night Out or any celebration!  We can host your pairing in our beautiful shop, or we can deliver your chocolates and desserts to a designated location with instructions for properly pairing your chocolates with wine.  

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Ask about hosting other private events...

We can host a number of private events either at our beautiful shop or on location including...

  • Chocolate ~ Wine Pairing
  • Fund raisers
  • Girls Night Out
  • Chocolate Art Class
  • Chocolate Tempering
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Chocolate Spa
  • Chocolate tastings
  • Chocolate pairings

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