The Cordial Cherry and Boys Town

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May 9th was a beautiful evening full of inspirational art, delectable samplings, exquisite wine and friends of Boys Town National Research Hospital's Center for Childhood Deafness.  The Cordial Cherry was honored to participate in such a great fund raiser to support this very important research.  We were in great company...US Foods, Jones Brothers Cupcakes, The Gray Plume, The Gallery, Vivace, and many more! 


Melissa Stephens with Connie Lusk, RN, Nursing Educator at Boys Town National Research Hospital


Melissa Stephens with Jerry Jones of Jones Brothers Cupcakes

Melissa Stephens with Chef Cory Guyer, personal friend and Chef extraordinaire for US Foods

A Nebraska Wedding Day

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Chocolates and weddings go hand-in-hand and so it's no surprise that The Cordial Cherry and Nebraska Wedding Day make a great couple.  We were asked to prepare something decadent and beautiful to accompany their 2013 wedding magazine.  So, we designed a custom dark chocolate bar, wrapped in raw silk fabric allowing a beautiful back-drop for hand-made "Save the Date" tags, made by Megan Cooper of Nebraska Wedding Day.  These exquisite fabric wrapped chocolate bars were gifted to clients all over the state to announce the launch of Nebraska Wedding Day's new magazine.  


In addition to our beautiful fabric chocolate bars, we also created a buffet of chocolates and sweet treats for all of the guests at the launch party.  Our chocolate butterflies white flower cordial cherries were in perfect keeping with the garden theme of the event....our Satin Fudge was a popular addition and incorporated subtle neutral colors into the display.  Hazelnut truffles, white chocolate toffee cashews, and tiramisu almonds added a simple and elegant touch, while appealing to all of the chocolate and nut lovers.


The food was delicious, the wine was amazing, the chocolates were fabulous, but my favorite part of these events is seeing old friends and meeting new ones, like Yvonne Loy of Le Cupcake in Lincoln....a beautiful new business owner who's following her dreams and inspiring her friends and family.


Thanks to Marjie Grove and Megan Cooper for the wonderful opportunity to introduce our chocolates to Nebraska's wedding community!

Hawaiian Luau, Vine Street Cellars, and The Cordial Cherry

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The Cordial Cherry partnered with Vine Street Cellars of Glenwood, Ia to help raise money for St. Matthews school in Bellevue. A traditional Hawaiian luau was the perfect back drop for a wonderful evening full of friends, chocolate, hula dancers, traditional Hawaiian music, chocolate, ice sculptures, tons of donations, and chocolate!


Purpose, Dreams, and Journeys

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I had a lovely time Saturday with the ladies of West Hills Church...talking about purpose, dreams, and journeys. We often set out on one course just to realize that what God has in mind for us is something vastly different.  And, he uses our talents and the pursuit of such, to carefully direct us, and sometimes against our will.  In my case, I started out pursuing a career in science, switched to education, and ended up a chocolatier....and I LOVE it!  But, I certainly didn't set out pursing chocolate.  In my journey, I've learned to embrace uncertainty, look forward to failure, and find success in joy.  

Chocolate and Coffee Pairing with Creighton

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Last week The Cordial Cherry partnered with Beansmith Coffee, a local artisan coffee bean roaster located in LaVista, Ne to combine the exquisite elements of single origin coffees with the decadence of handcrafted chocolates. Some of Creighton University's finest spent their morning with us learning how to pair chocolate with artisan coffees.  Kait Berreckman and Jason Burkum of Beansmith Coffee, educated us on each coffee's origin, their roasting process, the proper way to slurp coffee, and the best methods for brewing coffee.  We followed with a light discussion on how to select chocolates to best enhance your coffee experience.  



Guatemala Huehuetenango ~ Almond, orange, fresh-cut cedar; hints of chocolate, honey and night-blooming flowers in aroma and cup. Big, sweet-toned acidity; lively, syrupy mouthfeel. Resonantly flavor saturated, gently drying finish.  The sweet and syrupy elements of this coffee begged for our sweet and syrupy dark chocolate cordial cherry.

Peru Cajamarca ~ The Peru Cajamarca is delicately floral, with the sweetness and tanginess of a golden delicious apple, and a hint of nuttiness in the finish.  We decided to pick up on the nuttiness in this coffee with our Pecan Truffle, made of rich dark chocolate and cream and then rolled in crushed pecan.

Papua New Guinea Koban ~ Aromas of spicy clove and sweet honeydew melon are followed by quiet flavors of pineapple, lime, and coconut, and finish with a lingering, creamy body. The sweet and complex flavors of this coffee paired beautifully with our 64% dark chocolate pieces.

Columbia Arnulfo Leguizamo ~ This coffee hails from the Huila region and was ranked in the top 10 of the America Roaster's Choice competition!  It's an exceptionally well balanced coffee with notes of orange, pear, and caramel.  We decided to compliment this coffee with our Orange Chocolate Truffle coupled with our Chocolate Covered Orange peel.

Raspberry Truffle - Kenya Igutha ~ This coffee is everything a great Kenyan should be – boldly bright with clean, crisp flavors of lemon, but tempered with a smooth body, and rich cherry sweetness.  The berry flavors in this coffee were the perfect backdrop for our Raspberry Truffle, rolled with whole dried raspberries and coated in a sweetened cocoa powder.



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