The Story of The Cordial Cherry



Our Story

The Cordial Cherry was born out of my passion for family, art, and chocolate. As a scientist turned teacher I was working toward my doctorate but, I had no money to pay for it. So, with Grandma Sheldon’s permission to use her recipe I began making cordial cherries and selling them at local boutique shows in order to fund my doctoral program. It wasn’t long before I developed the entrepreneurial bug as I saw with each passing semester people of all ages experience sheer joy at the mere sight of my whimsical chocolate creations which quickly turned to bliss once eaten.

The year was 2010…the economy was bad, I had never run a business before and never even seen a commercial kitchen, I couldn’t afford to give up my teaching job, and had only $3000 in the bank. But, I had an idea…I believed that I could reinvent the art of beautiful chocolate gift giving. And, I could do it in a way that was as much a joy to shop for a chocolate gift as it was to receive one. Thus, our sweet little story-book chocolate shop was born….with whimsy and beauty all about.

Over the years we would experience all sorts of blessings and setbacks. Implementing new products, building Stories Coffeehouse to help aspiring culinary business owners, being featured in several national media outlets including Oprah magazine and ABC News, and many VERY busy Christmas seasons have all contributed to a roller coaster of a journey.

We have learned so much and have grown in ways I never imagined. I have my dream…I spend each day teaching my children, working with my family, and making beautiful chocolates for families all over the country. Grandma Sheldon’s legacy of love of family, love of chocolate and love of all things beautiful has resulted in a dream come true for me and has inspired new traditions for thousands of cordial cherry lovers.


Our Vision

We want to change the way people think about chocolate and gifts. Chocolate should no longer be limited by plastic moulds or very standard-looking shrink-wrapped gift boxes. We believe that chocolate gifts should be as beautiful as they are decadent and their wrappings should follow suit for a start-to-finish beautiful chocolate gift experience. Hand-sculpting, chocolate painting, and finishing touches are the order of the day at The Cordial Cherry. And, packaging is not secondary here…it’s just as important as the gift itself.   Chocolate covered nuts turn extraordinary when tied with pretty fabric and a bow….fudge becomes truly special when wrapped in satin ribbon and boxed with fresh greenery….and cordial cherries nearly stop time when they smile back at you.  


The Cordial Cherry | Eat Something Beautiful from REBEL INTERACTIVE on Vimeo.


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