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We specialize in wonderfully whimsical chocolate covered cherry cordials like nothing you've seen before. Each chocolate covered cherry cordial is made from scratch and hand-decorated, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces of chocolate art. The combination of a sweet liquid cordial center with a dark, milk or white chocolate coating is truly divine. You're sure to enjoy eating our unique chocolate cordial cherries as much as you enjoy looking at them. All of the decorations are edible and made of candies, chocolate, and/or sculpted fondant.


Cherries, covered in chocolate with a liquid cordial center make for a delicious combination sure to please even the most persnickety chocolate lovers. Our chocolate covered cherries with cordial center can be shipped anywhere in the United States. With new designs every month, we have a cherry cordial design for everyone. 


Halloween Gift Ideas

Ghosts and Pumpkins

The Cordial Cherry Chocolate Covered Cherries Unique Gift Deliver Halloween

Our Chocolate Covered Cordial Cherry Ghosts and Pumpkins are a very unique way to make any Halloween gathering more festive.  Order these adorable cherries as a gift or as an addition to your Halloween party table. 

Witches and Brew

The Cordial Cherry Chocolate Covered Cherries Unique Gift Deliver Halloween

Add some festive Halloween spirit to your party with our Witches and Brew Cordial Cherries or Truffles.  These unique chocolates will make everyone smile. They can be delivered as a gift or ordered to share with everyone.


The Cordial Cherry Chocolate Covered Cherries Unique Gift Deliver Halloween

Eyeball cordial cordial cherries are a sweet addition to any Halloween party table.  The red, syrup, center creates a very dramatic effect once bitten into.  These unique chocolates make a perfect gift for that friend who LOVES Halloween.


Employee, Client, and B2B Gift Ideas

Tiered Gifts

The Cordial Cherry Chocolate Covered Cherries Truffle Christmas Snowmen Snowman Best Gift Deliver Client Corporate B2B

 Our tiered gift collections are full of beautiful chocolates including our designer chocolate covered cordial cherries, dark chocolate truffles, chocolate satin fudge, and our gourmet original cordial cherries with liquid centers.



 Employee Appreciation Gifts

Nurse The Cordial Cherry Chocolate Covered Cherries Truffles Appreciation Week Unique Gift Deliver

Our Nurse and Teacher Appreciation Gifts are just a couple of the designer cordial cherries and truffles we make for any number of professions.  These adorable chocolates will definitely make your employee feel appreciated and with delivery they can arrive at home or the office.


Custom Gifts

Custom logo business client corporate Chocolate Box The Cordial Cherry chocolate covered cherries truffles bar unique gift deliver

 The Cordial Cherry specializes in beautiful and unique chocolate gifts and we have a number of options when it comes to customizing your corporate, client, employee, or family gifts.  In many cases we can incorporate a logo or custom message on our chocolates, truffles, and cordial cherries.  We also have custom packaging and gift tag options.

Trending Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate Espresso Beans

The Cordial Cherry chocolate espresso beans beautiful unique gift deliver Christmas

 If you have a coffee lover on your gift list then our chocolate espresso beans are a must!  With flavor options such as mint, cinnamon and cappuccino, our espresso bean gifts go well beyond the typical dark, milk, and white chocolate espresso beans.  And, the beautiful fabric gift pouch makes for a very unique gift experience.

Rustic Chocolate Caramels

The Cordial Cherry peanut butter almond pistachio chocolate caramel truffle beautiful unique gift deliver Christmas

 Our Rustic Chocolate Caramels are a decadent chocolate gift that will make any caramel lover smile.  This collection includes Coconut Caramels, Peanut Butter Truffles, Banana Pistachio Caramels, and Triple Nut Caramel Truffles.  This unique gift is a caramel and nut dream.

Sea Salt Caramels

The Cordial Cherry sea salt caramel beautiful unique gift deliver Christmas

 Our chewy sea salt caramels are simply amazing.  Each batch is made the old-fashioned way…carefully stirring milk, sugar, and butter on a stovetop until it reaches the perfect consistency.  Packaged in linen fabric and tied with black satin ribbon, our Sea Salt Caramel Gift is a beautiful presentation.

Unique Chocolate Gift Ideas

3-Tier Snowman Gift Narwhal Truffles Gift Chocolate Fabric Gift

3-Tier Snowman Snowflakes Snowballs Cordial Cherry chocolate covered cherries Christmas best gift deliver client business

You don’t get any more unique than our 3-Tier Snowman Gift.  Choose either chocolate covered cordial cherries or creamy truffles…in both options, we paint by hand the adorable snowman face, pipe the sweet little white chocolate hat, and tie a satin bow scarf to finish the look.  Each 3-Tier Snowman is accompanied by 16 assorted Snowball and Snowflake chocolate cherries or truffles.

The Cordial Cherry chocolate covered cherries truffle truffle narwhal unicorn unique best gift deliver

These whimsical Narwhal chocolate covered cordial cherries are an example of some of the adorable custom designs we make every day.  We love a challenge at The Cordial Cherry and have made everything from hammerhead sharks to elephants…Christmas trains to gingerbread houses.


The Cordial Cherry chocolate pecan caramel turtle fabric unique gift best deliver Christmas client corporate businessIt doesn’t get much more traditional than chocolate, caramel, and nuts, but with our linen gift pouch, this gift is stepped up a few notches.  Our giant caramel pecan turtles are a very sweet gift and even sweeter when tied up with big bow.   




Christmas Gift Ideas

Woodland Christmas Gift

Woodland Christmas Bear Deer Bird Mushroom tree holly berry cordial cherry chocolate covered cherries truffle unique gift deliver

Cordial cherries and truffles decorated as evergreen trees, holly berries, mushrooms, reindeer, black bears, and red birds make up this classic natural Christmas collection. 



 Santa, Elf, & Snowman Gift

Santas, Elves, and Snowmen Santa Elf Snowman Cordial Cherries chocolate covered cherry truffle unique Christmas gift delivery cookie tray exchange idea

 Need something unique and beautiful to dress up your Christmas cookie tray?  Our Santas, Elves, and Snowman chocolate covered cordial cherries or truffles create a very festive look to any platter of cookies and Christmas treats.  


Christmas Garden Gift

The Cordial Cherry Chocolate Covered Cherries Truffle Christmas Garden Best Unique Gift Deliver Client Corporate

 A Christmas garden sounds absolutely delightful…snowy white trees, evergreen boughs, holly berries, and beautiful red birds.  This collection is definitely one of our most unique and beautiful collections and is available in either chocolate covered cordial cherries or creamy truffles.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Pilgrims & Pumpkins Gift

The Cordial Cherry chocolate covered cherries Pilgrims Pumpkins Thanksgiving Fall Best Unique Gift Deliver


 Pumpkins Gift

Halloween Thanksgiving Chocolate Covered Cordial Cherries Truffle Pumpkins Best Unique Gift Deliver


Turkeys & Pumpkins Gift

The Cordial Cherry chocolate covered cherries truffle Turkeys Pumpkins Thanksgiving Fall Best Unique Gift Deliver




My Invention ~ Haute Stacker

Haute Stacker Cake Doughnut Donut Stand Wedding Tower

Haute Stacker {Patent Pending}...a new way to stack, display, and serve cakes, doughnuts, cookies, chocolates, bagels, sandwiches, and so much MORE!


Haute Stacker

PP IMG_9831 Powdered doughnut raspberry Christmas full stack beautiful Haute Stacker Doughnut Donut Cake


How It Works!

IMG_0230 Kransekake Haute Stacker doughnut donut dunkin' donuts beautiful pretty cake wedding tower

A Haute Blog

IMG_2266 Haute Stacker Joanna Gaines Magnolia doughnut donut wedding cake stand PP

Get Inspired

IMG_0177 Haute Stacker doughnut donut cake pastry wedding event tower PP


IMG_0021 Haute Stacker Whole 1 Product Image Doughnut Donut Wedding Tower

Introducing...for the first time EVER...Designer Christmas Truffles!
October 02, 2019
For 15 years I've been dipping and decorating cordial cherries...creating adorable little cherry chocolate sculptures to share with people all over the world. While cordial cherries are our specialty and will always be the foundation of The Cordial Cherry, I'm super excited to announce that beginning November 1st, for the first time EVER, we will be introducing our DESIGNER CHRISTMAS TRUFFLES! Our designer truffles will be filled with a made-from-scratch brown butter ganache and will rival our amazing cordial cherries in both flavor and design. Most of our Christmas designs that you've come to adore in our cordial cherries will now be available in our gourmet truffles! Below you'll see a few examples of our Designer Christmas Truffles...
How to Make Football Cordial Cherries
August 27, 2019

  People love watching us make our chocolate covered cordial cherries.  If you visit our shop, on any given day, you can see us dipping cherries, sculpting them, painting and decorating them.  Its a truly interactive chocolate experience...so I wanted those...

Paxton's Praise Report
August 22, 2019

  For those who are new to The Cordial Cherry family, Alexandra is a very special chocolatier in our shop and her baby, Paxton, was diagnosed with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida at 16 weeks gestation.  It was a very emotional journey...

Easter Table Ideas
April 12, 2019
Our Spring and Easter cordial cherries make for adorable additions to your Easter brunch or dinner.  Below you'll find some really sweet ways you can incorporate our Easter chocolate covered cherries into your table decor.
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