Alcohol-Infused Cherries

Alcohol-Infused Cherries

Here's how it works...

  1. Call 402-679-3011 to place your order and secure your spot on our production schedule.
  2. Bring in a bottle of your favorite liqueur, beer, cider, or wine.
  3. We'll soak your cherries in your alcohol for several weeks for full infusion of flavor.
  4. We'll dip at least 48 cherries (a full batch) in our signature syrup.
  5. Your cherries will be packaged in 3 16-piece gift boxes and will be ready for pickup approximately 1 week later.
  6. Your gifts will remain fresh for at least 3 months at room temperature.


  • This unique gift option is only available for in-store pickup and cannot be shipped.
  • We guarantee these cherries for three months at room temperature.
  • Any additional cherries dipped from your batch will be packaged at no additional cost.
  • Any unused liqueur/alcohol will be returned to you.

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Vendor: The Cordial Cherry

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