Chocolate Dipped Wine Bottles

Our chocolate-dipped bottles of wine are a beautiful and unique gift for any occasion.  Each bottle is carefully wrapped in food-safe cello and then hand-dipped in a 64% fine French chocolate.  Beneath the chocolate is a satin "zipper" that when tugged, breaks the chocolate away from the bottle creating a fun way to experience a chocolate and wine pairing.  Each chocolate-dipped bottle is packaged in a clear bag, tied with a beautiful big bow and placed in a handled gift bag.  Sadly, this gift is only available to local customers...we cannot ship our chocolate dipped wine bottles.

Cost per Bottle ~ $25.00


Here's How it Works:

1. Call 402-679-3011 to place your order over the phone.  

2. Drop off your bottles of wine during shop hours.  Please allow several days for dipping.

3. Pick up your chocolate-dipped bottles of wine.

Things to Consider:

~ We cannot sell or ship wine.  You will need to provide your wine for us to dip in chocolate.

~ Shelf-life is 12 months at room temperature.

~ We only dip in 64% dark chocolate and recommend pairing with red wine, but are happy to dip any bottle you like.

~ Turn-around time is typically 3-4 days, so please plan to drop off your wine several days before you need to pick them up. 

~ All bottles are shrink-wrapped with food-safe cellophane prior to dipping so that the chocolate does not actually touch the bottle. 

Chocolate Dipped Wine Bottle The Cordial Cherry

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