1. What if I order during Winter Break?

Each year we close up for a couple weeks for shop maintenance and to transition our production to our Valentine's Day and Spring collections.  This year we will be closed until January 18th and will reopen on the 19th with our regular shop hours.  If you place an order during this time, all orders will ship or be available for pickup on January 19th.

2. How do I order for In-store pick up?

Simply order online, select "Pick Up In-Store" at checkout.  When your order is fulfilled you'll receive instructions to text your name and order # to 402-679-3011 within 30 min of your arrival.  When you arrive, come to our door and your order will be waiting for you! 

3. What are your business hours?

We are open Tuesday through Friday 12 to 6 and on Saturdays 12 to 4.  We are closed for business Sundays and Mondays.

4. What is the shelf life of the cordial cherries?

We guarantee all of our chocolates for at least 3 months at room temperature or cooler.

5. When will my order ship?

We make all of our cordial cherries and truffles completely by hand and do our best to ship all orders within 2 days.  During the month of December it may take us up to 4 business days to ship your order.  If you place an order and temperatures exceed 70 degrees, your order may be cancelled with a recommendation to order when temperatures cool down.  Other shipping options may be available if you call 402-679-3011.

6. What is your shipping policy?

We will ONLY ship orders to delivery addresses BELOW 70 degrees for a consecutive 5 day forecast via UPS Ground.  Generally, packages arrive in 2-3 days after they are shipped, but occasionally may take longer.  We cannot refund purchases for orders that arrive later than expected.  Chocolate begins to melt at temperatures above 70 degrees.  That being said, should temperatures increase or should delivery take longer than expected, we cannot be held responsible for the condition your chocolates arrive in.  If temperatures are greater than 70 degrees, please select the Next Day Air shipping option to increase the likelihood of your chocolates arriving safely.

7. When will my order arrive?

Shipments usually arrive 2 to 3 business days after they've been shipped with UPS Ground.  However, we cannot guarantee a delivery date/time and occasionally delivery can take significantly longer than expected.  Please understand that we cannot be responsible for delayed shipping.

8. Can I place an order now and request a later delivery date?

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to select a ship/delivery date.  We will do our best to ship your order as quickly as possible.

9. How can I place a custom order for a special packaging or chocolate design?

Please email melissa@thecordialcherry.com or alexandra@thecordialcherry.com to discuss your idea.

10. Do you offer refunds when chocolates arrive late or damaged? 

We often offer refunds dependent on the circumstances, but may ask you to "Return to Sender" your chocolates or send pictures of the damaged chocolates.  We do not offer refunds if chocolates arrive later than expected or if they melt during transit or upon arrival.

11. Are the cordial cherries gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and alcohol-free?

While gluten and nuts are not ingredients in any of our cordial cherries (except where indicated) our cordial cherries are made in an environment where gluten and nut products are made.  We try our best to avoid cross contamination of gluten and nuts, but cannot make any guarantees.  Alcohol is NOT an ingredient in any of our products, however, occasionally we incorporate liqueur flavoring.

12. Are there pits in the cherries?

We work with pitted maraschino cherries so there should NOT be any pits, however, occasionally there will be a cherry that comes through with a pit in it.  Also, we remove the stems from many of our cherries, but sometimes just like the pits, there might be a small stem piece that remains.  

13. How can I place an order for in-store pick up?

Simply order online, select "Pick Up In-Store" at checkout.  After you receive an email confirmation that your order has been fulfilled, please text your name and order# to 402-679-3011 within 30 minutes of arrival.  When you arrive at our shop, please come to the door and your order will be waiting for you!  

14. What if I want to ship to multiple addresses?

Currently, you cannot place a single order online and ship to multiple addresses.  Each shipping address requires a separate order.  Please call us at 402-679-3011 if you're wanting to ship to more than five addresses and we'll be happy to help you. 


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