August 6 to August 10

Posted on August 06, 2013 by Melissa Stephens

My FAVORITE week of the year...Shark Week!!!!


Question: Which of the following shark species is extinct?


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Goblin Shark: Fact: It's name is derived from it's bizarre and scary appearance, complete with pinkish skin, pointy teeth, and protruding mouth.



Greenland Shark: Fact: They are usually blind due to a small parasitic organism, called a copepod, that attaches itself to the Greenland's eyes.  



Hammerhead Shark: Fact: It's wide head is used for trapping stingrays by pinning them to the sea floor. 



Stethocanthus Shark: Fact: The males have a strange "ironing board" feature on the their dorsal side. 



Thresher Shark: Fact: It's long tail is used like a whip to deliver an incapacitating blow to it's prey.



Sawshark: Fact: Often confused with the sawfish, the sawshark's teeth will actually be replaced if broken off, whereas the sawfish only gets one set of teeth.


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