Road to Houston

100% of your contribution will be donated to Alexandra and her husband to help cover travel expenses to Houston, TX for consultations and surgery for baby Paxton.

Many of you have met my Production Manager, Alexandra, she's an amazing chocolatier, a beautiful friend, and she's recently been dealt an incredible challenge. Alexandra is pregnant, and about a month ago, during a routine ultrasound, her baby was diagnosed with spina bifida. Over the next few weeks, she and baby Paxton have undergone a number of tests to determine if she and baby are eligible for fetal surgery to close up his spine before he's born in August. This surgery will greatly reduce the negative effects of spina bifida and will increase his chances of being able to walk someday.  I'm hosting a fund raiser to help Alexandra and her husband cover some of the travel expenses with traveling to and from Houston multiple times. The overall expenses for surgery and care are likely to exceed $100,000. I'm hoping we can raise $2000 to make their "Road to Houston" a little easier to absorb.

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