Welcome Baby Elephants ~ Chocolate Truffles


Here in Omaha, one of our greatest gems is our beloved Henry Doorly Zoo.  Having lived in Omaha all my life, I have a lifetime of treasured moments experiencing our precious zoo and all the great progress the zoo has made in the conservation of threatened animal species.  One of the newest exhibits is the Elephant Family Quarters and welcomed two adorable baby elephant this past January.

Sonny is the second African elephant born at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium on January 30. He was born to mother Claire, 13 years old, and father Callee, 21 years old. Sonny’s first weight on February 4 was 202 pounds and his second weight yesterday, February 9, was 210 pounds.

Eugenia was the first elephant born in the Zoo’s 127-year history and was born on January 7. Kiki, 18, is her mother and Callee, 21, is her father. She weighed 200 pounds as of yesterday, February 9. There are a total of eight elephants in the herd, including Eugenia and Sonny.


In celebration of these sweet baby elephants, we are happy to introduce our Welcome Baby Elephants collection and will be donating 10% of all sales to the Henry Doorly Zoo to contribute to their ongoing efforts to raise awareness and educate the local and global community about conservation.

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