Missy and Jen Go to Atlantic City!

Posted on September 15, 2012 by Melissa Hartman | 0 Comments

For eight years we've kept The Cordial Cherry a secret, known only to our loyal Nebraska customers.  But, last week, for the very first time, we took our sweet little Snowmen cordial cherries to Atlantic City to see what the rest of the country thinks of them.  


Here's myself and Jen at Eppley Airfield in Omaha just before heading to AC.  Jen has me hooked on another Omaha original - Scooters!   So, here we are enjoying our last Scooters for a while.


Atlantic City is quite different from my town...for one, there are lots of jaywalkers (EVERYWHERE), there is a beautiful ocean in the backyard, and it is illegal to pump your own gas!



 The Philadelphia National Candy Show meets The Cordial Cherry...the chocolatier from Nebraska.



Believe it or not, but our entire display fit in just one suitcase, with the exception of a couple evergreens and posts we picked up at my favorite home improvement store...Lowe's. 

 The stars of the show...Snowmen Cordial Cherries!


My new friends...Jeff and Bill Birnn and Joe Creveno!  Thanks for welcoming The Cordial Cherry with open arms and LOTS of chocolate samples! 


Thanks also to Uncle Scott and Aunt Kim, and little Gabby of course!  We love you guys!


It's Time for Sweet Fashion!

Hannah Hartman, Chocolate Artist

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