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Here are just a few reasons to try our Chocolate Probiotic Ele Bites:

*Our chocolate is 100% Organic, Fair Trade, and Gluten Free.   Our Coconut Oil is as well.  The only other ingredients are the 2 probiotic strains and 2 prebiotics to help the probiotics be more effective.
*The 2 strains were discovered and clinically tested by University of Nebraska at Lincoln researchers. However, only about 10% of probiotics on the market are clinically tested.
*The 2 strains are human-gut native, meaning they naturally reside in the human gut, whereas most probiotics on the market derive from soil or plants.  This makes our strains much more effective in the human gut micro-biome.
*We have absolutely NO FILLERS in our gourmet chocolate probiotics. 
*Our Ele Bites are tested periodically for bioactivity.
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