A Chocolate Experience

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You’ve driven by countless times….the windows are covered, the sign is simple, what is this place?  Finally, a moment is spared in your busy day to explore….you open the door, and it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the sudden light change.  But, when they do, you stop for a moment and try to take it all in.  You look up and down, distant and near…there are sparkly things everywhere.  


 A sincere voice from just beyond a window in the distance welcomes you in.  It’s almost overwhelming, the beautiful displays of chocolate, but alas the owner explains, “We’re a little unconventional here.” You listen intently as she continues….”We specialize in cordial cherries of more than 150 designs and more than 60 different flavors.  We are the only company like ours in the world.”  As instructed, you select a beautiful gift box, one more fitting for porcelain or jewelry than chocolate, and begin your chocolate experience.  Just a few small steps from the front door, a curious sight catches your eye. Old doors, rich in history and distressed with memories, are laid to form rustic tables of the fanciful kind.  Atop the faded wood, stand proud and glimmering, chrome cake stands. Inside, each holds precious, edible jewels that beckon the sense of taste.  As you journey through this storybook shoppe, you see one cordial cherry more whimsical than the last.  Your empty box begs for such treasures and you finally give in.  First, the sweetest snowman with sugared hat, and then the most adorable penguin with hand-sculpted chocolate wings. 


Before you know it, you’ve entered the domain of the flavor-infused cordial cherries.  The delicate, hand-made paper tags that adorn each cherry’s stem tell of unique flavor combinations….Banana Crème, Raspberry, and Peppermint are just a few that intrigue you.  Lifting the display lid propels aromas so intense, you’re eager to lift the next one.  You can’t resist meandering throughout the store….everywhere you turn, there are beautiful things and decadent chocolates….fudge tied with satin ribbon, bonbons adorned with 23K gold leafing, truffles displayed beneath chandeliers….  At last, your box is full.  The owner, while working away on the next tiny, chocolate sculpture, notices you approach the counter.  Wearing a hand-made French toile apron and hair tied in a bun, she steps away from her art to package your chocolate gift box. 


She inspects each chocolate before carefully placing the rustic French toile lid atop the shiny black base.  A twine ribbon secures the box, and as if that wasn’t pretty enough, she reaches for a fresh sprig of greenery grown on her miniature tree farm behind her home and finishes with a simple tag and bow.  This is the chocolate experience at The Cordial Cherry.

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