Chocolate and Coffee Pairing with Creighton

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Last week The Cordial Cherry partnered with Beansmith Coffee, a local artisan coffee bean roaster located in LaVista, Ne to combine the exquisite elements of single origin coffees with the decadence of handcrafted chocolates. Some of Creighton University's finest spent their morning with us learning how to pair chocolate with artisan coffees.  Kait Berreckman and Jason Burkum of Beansmith Coffee, educated us on each coffee's origin, their roasting process, the proper way to slurp coffee, and the best methods for brewing coffee.  We followed with a light discussion on how to select chocolates to best enhance your coffee experience.  



Guatemala Huehuetenango ~ Almond, orange, fresh-cut cedar; hints of chocolate, honey and night-blooming flowers in aroma and cup. Big, sweet-toned acidity; lively, syrupy mouthfeel. Resonantly flavor saturated, gently drying finish.  The sweet and syrupy elements of this coffee begged for our sweet and syrupy dark chocolate cordial cherry.

Peru Cajamarca ~ The Peru Cajamarca is delicately floral, with the sweetness and tanginess of a golden delicious apple, and a hint of nuttiness in the finish.  We decided to pick up on the nuttiness in this coffee with our Pecan Truffle, made of rich dark chocolate and cream and then rolled in crushed pecan.

Papua New Guinea Koban ~ Aromas of spicy clove and sweet honeydew melon are followed by quiet flavors of pineapple, lime, and coconut, and finish with a lingering, creamy body. The sweet and complex flavors of this coffee paired beautifully with our 64% dark chocolate pieces.

Columbia Arnulfo Leguizamo ~ This coffee hails from the Huila region and was ranked in the top 10 of the America Roaster's Choice competition!  It's an exceptionally well balanced coffee with notes of orange, pear, and caramel.  We decided to compliment this coffee with our Orange Chocolate Truffle coupled with our Chocolate Covered Orange peel.

Raspberry Truffle - Kenya Igutha ~ This coffee is everything a great Kenyan should be – boldly bright with clean, crisp flavors of lemon, but tempered with a smooth body, and rich cherry sweetness.  The berry flavors in this coffee were the perfect backdrop for our Raspberry Truffle, rolled with whole dried raspberries and coated in a sweetened cocoa powder.



Surprise Guys!

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These ladies surprised their guys with a sweet and private French truffle-making class.  Chocolate and cream are decadent enough, but we spiced it up with some candied ginger, cardamom, and cayenne....a bit of flaky coconut, raspberries, and cloves too! The flavor and texture combinations were endless, as was the playful banter, endless laughter, and fun ideas for future truffle-making endeavors! 

 's a secret.

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Last Tuesday, a beautiful historical home in the heart of Lincoln unveiled an eclectic group of friendly strangers, one uniquely crafted cocktail after another, and of course, an artful display of delectable chocolates made by yours truly.  The Cordial Cherry was invited to partner with Lincoln Secret Supper, a unique dining company that combines curiosity, surprise and an extraordinary culinary experience in one eventful evening.  Each event boasts of an interesting meeting place that is kept top secret until the night before.  Guests arrive at a secret location, meet new friends, enjoy great conversation, and of course experience amazing food!

Melissa with Lincoln Secret Supper founders, 
Sunny and Dan Parsons





Vine Street Cellars Chocolate Wine Pairing

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It was a perfect day for chocolate, wine, and friends....the owners and staff from Glenwood's Vine Street Cellars enjoyed lunch in Omaha and then headed to The Cordial Cherry for a beautiful chocolate dessert buffet and amazing wine.  The chocolate and wine pairing was decidedly educational and exceptionally delectable.  After an introduction of each of the chocolates and desserts, owners, Ralph and Mark educated their guests and staff about the intricate details of each of their selected wines. It was a beautiful and delicious way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


The Cordial Cherry Gets Starring Role at the Emmy Awards

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Just days ago we were notified that our adorable cordial cherries had been selected to be featured in The Official Emmy Gift Bags at the 2013 Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards January 10.  With such a short amount of time to prepare, we've been working around the clock dipping, decorating, and packaging our Emmy cherries. 

Off the Wall Gifts, coordinator of this year’s Emmy Awards Gift Bag, hand selects innovative and emerging brands for the honor.  Each year, thousands of companies hope for such an honor, but only a handful are chosen.  300 of the industry’s most influential attendees will receive a box of the world’s most beautiful cordial cherries, designed by chocolatier and owner of The Cordial Cherry, Melissa Stephens.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognizes excellence in technology and engineering with the coveted Technology and Engineering Emmy Award.  Just a few of this year’s nominees include Apple, HBO, Time Warner Cable, Motorola, and Warner Brothers.

The 64th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards will be broadcasted live from The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas Hilton, Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 6:30 pm eastern time on local CBS channels.


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