Chocolate and Beer? Yep!

Posted on February 21, 2013 by Melissa Stephens | 32 Comments


Chris Sund, Director of Sales and Marketing for Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. challenged me to create five extraordinary chocolates to pair perfectly with five of their hand-crafted artisan beers.  And, so the adventure began....sampling each of their beers, researching their brewing process, and then my favorite part....mixing and matching spices, herbs, nuts, fruits, seeds, oils with various chocolates until I found the perfect combinations.  


Heartland Wheat ~ Brewed with citrus variety hops and golden yeast, I decided to compliment this beer with a glazed lemon peel chocolate truffle coated with course sugar and blue poppy seeds for texture.

Lager ~ A light beer with a subtle maltiness, we decided to go bold and spicy on the chocolate.  A rich dark chocolate truffle coated in cocoa powder and cayenne pepper concealed a surprise cashew inside.

Spring Break ~ This beer is full of flavor, brewed with rose hips and a number of spices including one of my favorite, cardamom.  I paired this beer with a complementary chocolate truffle infused with cardamom, surrounded by a chocolate cup, and topped with a candied violet petal.

IPA ~ Otherwise known as India Pale Ale, this beer is complex, incorporating a number of floral hops and flavors. So, I decided to go simple, yet decadent on the chocolate....a 64% dark chocolate truffle coated in powdered sugar....delicious!

Certified Evil ~ Aged in Cabernet barrels and sweetened with molasses and honey, this beer begged of a complimentary chocolate.  We combined cinnamon, nutmeg, and clover in a creamy chocolate ganache, topped it with brown sugar, and set the whole thing on a white chocolate disk. 


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