A Nebraska Wedding Day

Posted on April 26, 2013 by Melissa Stephens | 3 Comments


Chocolates and weddings go hand-in-hand and so it's no surprise that The Cordial Cherry and Nebraska Wedding Day make a great couple.  We were asked to prepare something decadent and beautiful to accompany their 2013 wedding magazine.  So, we designed a custom dark chocolate bar, wrapped in raw silk fabric allowing a beautiful back-drop for hand-made "Save the Date" tags, made by Megan Cooper of Nebraska Wedding Day.  These exquisite fabric wrapped chocolate bars were gifted to clients all over the state to announce the launch of Nebraska Wedding Day's new magazine.  


In addition to our beautiful fabric chocolate bars, we also created a buffet of chocolates and sweet treats for all of the guests at the launch party.  Our chocolate butterflies white flower cordial cherries were in perfect keeping with the garden theme of the event....our Satin Fudge was a popular addition and incorporated subtle neutral colors into the display.  Hazelnut truffles, white chocolate toffee cashews, and tiramisu almonds added a simple and elegant touch, while appealing to all of the chocolate and nut lovers.


The food was delicious, the wine was amazing, the chocolates were fabulous, but my favorite part of these events is seeing old friends and meeting new ones, like Yvonne Loy of Le Cupcake in Lincoln....a beautiful new business owner who's following her dreams and inspiring her friends and family.


Thanks to Marjie Grove and Megan Cooper for the wonderful opportunity to introduce our chocolates to Nebraska's wedding community!


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