Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Posted on October 14, 2012 by Melissa Hartman | 0 Comments

 What a wonderful night...full of friends, new and old, wine bold and mild, and chocolate, delicious and more delicious!  The Cordial Cherry provided a beautiful backdrop for wine and chocolate lovers to convene and support a great cause.  Thanks to Robert Bolden of Winestyles for providing wine and a wonderful education on wine pairings and thanks to Barabara Leu of Mass Mutual Financial for organizing such a special event!

An Auction Leads to a Friendship

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Anna Killpack of Sweet Gatherings in Neola, Ia, is a chocolate and confectionery talent whose delicious treats would bring in customers from near and far.  Her sweet disposition and her wealth of knowledge are both greatly appreciated and incredibly rare.  We became friends in virtually no time at all....chocolate has a way of doing that.  Thanks Anna, for all your help!  We can't wait to see what your next adventure will be!

Sweet Couture 2012

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Three months of trial and error, planning and preparation, all for 45 seconds on the runway...would do it again in a heartbeat!  Jessica Seeley of Seeley Designs and her collection inspired my design for my chocolate dress...a flirty skirt, a bold bodice piece, and very feminine.  What a wonderful experience!  Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy our chocolate fashion show...if you happened to miss the show, our chocolate dress will be on display at The Street of Dreams Sept 28 - 30 and in the shop after that.



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Grandma Sheldon inspired my passion for art, beauty, and chocolate, but it was my mom who was there when I sold my first cordial cherry, helped me open my storefront, encouraged me all along the way and continues to be a constant source of love and support.

A miniature cordial cherry birthday cake on top of white chocolate pedestals and a sea salt caramel 'packaged' in white chocolate and tied with a bow...just for you mom!

 She has no idea Jen's taking pictures...


Still clueless... 


Say "Cheese" mom! 


Missy, what are you doin back there? 


Just smile for the camera mom. 


Now that's a cute picture! 

Saturday Workshops

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I'm not sure if I love teaching or learning best...either way, our Saturday Workshops are an excellent opportunity for both.  They're FREE, only take about 15 minutes, and perfect for anyone who can reach the counter! Next Saturday Workshop TBD.

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